8 pain-free ways to stop nail biting for good

18-05-2017 Vy Nhu
Nail biting has got to be the worst habit yet (well almost, we know of others). Not only does it disfigure your fingernails, but can cause bacteria and other fungi to grow. There are many ways to combat nail biting from using painful techniques such as an elastic band to ‘snap’ you out of it to making use of hypnosis techniques. We promise you, nothing in our list will hurt you or require any sort of deep therapy. It takes very little effort and can be done every other day.

Before we head right into the best products on the market, let’s look at nail biting is bad for you.

Bacteria that causes diseases

Salmonela and Ecoli are nasty little critters that thrive under your nails. It can easily transfer to your mouth when biting your fingernails which, as you already, know will transfer to the rest of your body. This is what causes infections.


Nail Infections

Paronychia is a skin infection that occurs around your nails when you bite them. As you chew your nails, elements such as yeast, bacteria as well as other microorganisms enter through tiny abrasions. This has the potential to cause swelling, redness and even pus too. This condition is painful and requires medical attention by surgically draining the pus.


Dental problems

Not only does nail biting cause unsightly nails but causes misshapen teeth too. Biting your nails interferes with your teeth and causes your teeth to shift out of their correct position. This could lead to digestive problems due to incorrect chewing of food.  Another potential problem is overcrowding caused as teeth are pushed out of place. Tooth decay has a higher possibility to occur due to overcrowding.


Now that you know why you shouldn’t bite your nails, let’s look at how you are going to stop biting them.


This is our list of pain-free products that will help you stop biting those fingernails in a short amount of time.


1. Probelle Anti-Bite


Probelle definitely got this formula right! Applying this solution every 2-3 days assists with eradicating nail biting. The finish is matte and the formula is 3-Free.


Another pain-free way to get you to stop biting your nails is formulated by Magique.


2. NoBite by Magique




We love this formula as it is recommended by Doctors. There is nothing better than getting your little one to stop biting those fingernails in a very safe and easy way. The bitter taste will deter you from biting or sucking your fingers.


Additional facts that makes this solution so perfect;

  1. The solution is odorless.
  2. Is waterproof and cannot is clear.
  3. The formula is non-toxic, vegan and gluten free.
  4. In addition, this product is cruelty free too.


How to apply this solution the easy way;

  1. Apply the solution on the nail surface and allow it to dry.
  2. Repeat the process every second day until you no longer bite your nails.
  3. Once your nails have grown, they probably would be weak and brittle, but can be strengthened.


3. Mavala Stop by Mavala Switzerland



This solution can be used from the age of 3 and older. The formula is non-toxic and provides positive results in a very short time.


How to apply Mavala Stop the correct way;

  1. Apply the liquid by brushing it on your entire nail like nail lacquer.
  2. Allow it to dry completely.
  3. Repeat the steps every second day.


Important tip:

If you decide to use this solution whilst wearing nail polish, only apply the liquid over the nail polish as the last step.

Thousands of people have used this product and this is what they had to say;

The next product made our list as it works well in a very short space of time.


4. Barielle No Bite Pro Growth



What would happen if you apply this solution to your cuticles and skin? Nothing, well nothing harmful! It is safe on your nails and skin. It assists with stopping you from biting your fingernails and sucking your thumb due to the nasty taste.


The next product will certainly assist with reducing dental bills caused by nail biting.


5. Orly No Bite



If you’ve made use of any of Orly products, then you should know what to expect with this. The bitter flavor is the key to get you from biting those fingernails. Once the liquid is applied, it dries to a clear matte finish and like all other solutions, applies on top of your nail polish if you are using any nail polish.


6. Trind Nail Repair Anti-Bite



Trind’s Nail Repair Anti-bite formula is a great way to get your nails looking as fabulous as it ought to be. Apply this solution every day for the first two weeks. Thereafter, apply once a week to ensure your nails remain healthy and strong.


Important tip:

Remove the previous layer to avoid build up and ensure potency.


If you are not keen on using chemicals, then these natural remedies might do the trick for you.


7. Neem Oil


Neem oil is a superb herbal remedy due to the bitter taste. Apply the oil on your fingernails and surrounding skin to deter you from placing those fingers into your mouth.


8. Garlic


In addition to its taste, it has anti-septic properties that will assist with fighting infections. This however, only works if you dislike garlic.


It is important to remember that when using natural remedies, they work slightly slower than chemical based solutions. But the results are superb and these remedies are worth a shot.


Using the best method to stop you butchering your nails with your teeth is vital. This assists in achieving healthy looking nails. Not only do you avoid infectious diseases and a compromised immune system, but you walk away with stunning looking nails that will make you feel more confident.


We love hearing from you. Do you have a favorite remedy that you think is superior? Let us know in the comments below.