Base coat nail polish purpose – Get Your Base Coat Right, Girls!

17-07-2017 Vy Nhu
Nail art has taken over the world by storm. Women have become passionate about the way their nails look and take extreme measures to keep them perfectly styled. For styling your nails, the first thing you need is to apply a great quality base coat. We will be shedding some light on it to ensure you know the importance of a base coat.

Selecting the right kind of base coat for your nails can be a bit complex for a beginner. Furthermore, base coat nail polish’s purpose is to create a strong and proper base over your nails for what comes next in the list of your nail design. Henceforth, it plays a highly important role for any kind of nail art.


Let’s get to know a Base Coat better

Base coat is a transparent nail polish applied over your nails to prepare it for what comes next, that is the colored nail polish or other Nail art accessories. Most of the base coat nail polish is transparent, but you will find a few that have a slight color to it or are glossier. These slightly colored and glossy base coats are used for enhancement of the nail polish color that is going to be applied over it. Therefore, the key to gorgeous nails is its base!


Purpose of a base coat

Not all women are blessed with healthy nails and for women facing with nail problems like grooves, sparse or chipped nails must apply a good base coat to get absolutely amazing results. However, even if you do not have any such issue, it is always recommended to apply a base coat to get stunning as well as longer lasting results. Moreover, if you decide to just apply a simple color, try applying with a base coat under it and see the difference that it makes to enhance the nails beauty to ten folds.

As a matter of fact, many base coats that you get nowadays contain ingredients like calcium, diamond powder, keratic, and vitamin E which improves, strengthens as well as nourishes your nails keeping them healthy from inside while they look absolutely amazing on the outside.


Steps for applying base coat with perfection

Since a base coat is transparent or slightly colored, it does not require much effort while applying it. However, you must ensure that you follow these simple and easy steps while applying it.

  1. Make sure your nails are trimmed and filed properly leaving your nails perfectly smooth and ready for the base to be applied.
  2. Make sure to begin applying it from the center of the nail and slowly building and working towards the sides edges of it.
  3. Remember not to apply a thick layer of the base coat since it will make the nails uneven or even sticky. Instead use a very thin layer of base coat starting from down and working to the upwards of the nails.
  4. Most of the base coat nail polishes dry very quickly and don’t take more than a few seconds to dry. However, it is always better to be patient and take a min or two to let it dry completely. This way the chances of ruining the base coat becomes less.  
  5. Once the base is dried completely, your nails are ready for you to style it in whatever gorgeous, stunning or funky way you desire it to be.


Can a base coat be used as a top coat as well?

It is strongly advised not to do so, since a base coat is meant for the base of the nails and is designed and prepared accordingly and so it won’t give desired results when applied as a top coat.

However, there are a few brands that have come up with a new technology that is “all in one” base and top coat polish. This gives its consumers a combination of both, protection that is required for the top coat as well as has a bonding power that is required for a base coat.

Essie is one such brand that has come up with an “All in One” collection of base coat.


Brands to consider while selecting a base coat nail polish

Almost all the nail polish brands that are on the market have their very own base coat nail polish added in their collection. However, not all of them give results as promised. Some of the base coats even after applying it the right way make no difference in enhancing the beauty of the nails. Then there are a few that make the nails uneven which again is of no use, as it does not serve its purpose.

The best way to select a base coat is to divide it according to its purpose, finish and action. So, to make things easy for you we have listed some base coats that we adore. That means that you get to decide which on is the right one for you with no hassle at all.


Base coat especially designed for prevention of staining the nails

  1. “Get Even” by Zoya is a good buy if you want to protect your nails from getting stained. You can buy it from both online as well as offline stores at just $9 to $12.
  2. Another good polish for protection from stains is “Nail Rehab” by Sally Hanse, you can buy this at just $7-10 from both online as well as any beauty stores.


Low cost or over the counter base coat nail polish

Don’t feel like spending much money or time on a base coat polish? You can always opt for OPI Gel based base coat or Essie Millionails or even go for the “Miracle Gel” by Sally Hansen. These are easily available and are cost effective as well, while maintaining the quality and have proven to give amazing end results.


Best base coat for ridge filling

  1. To get best results for signs of breakage or ridge in nails, you need to consider buying yourself “Ridge Filler” or “Fill The Gap” by Essie, the cost of these is approximately $9 and is easily available in any drugstores as well as on online stores.
  2. Another good base coat for such nails is “Bridge the Ridge” by ACI and this brand will only cost you $5.99.

Since you now know about the usage as well as about base coat nail polish’s purpose; it is time for you to take a step closer in redesigning your nails, let them shine and dazzle to perfection!

As always, we love hearing from you! Leave a comment below and let us know which your favorite base coat is.