China Glaze Nail Polish Coral Star – Reviewing this color and nail polish consistency

17-07-2017 Vy Nhu
China Glaze is a company that specializes in the production of unique nail polishes and several other items you require to make beautifying your nails the most productive. The unique products usually contain China Clay. China clay is a regular market demanded item. It is used to give porcelain its fine and glossy finish. China glaze prioritizes the quality of their polishes and the effects it will have on the nails it’s applied on both short term and long term. China glaze nail polish coral star is no exception. All their formulas, including this one, contain perfect and safe components. They make sure not to include DBP, Toluene or extra Formaldehyde. The polish contains Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, Phthalic Anhydride, Silica, Isopropyl Alcohol and many others. All these ingredients are however healthy and will not affect your nails in anyway.

Features of Coral Star

  1. Coral star nail polish by China glaze possesses a shimmer like no other. Do you like nails that carry their own attraction capacity? These nails will be the perfect fit for you. The color is a perfect choice for summer or an outing in the sun.  With the perfect finish, this color not only gives a shiny and polished look and feel, it also lasts long after application.
  2. The color is an orange – pink/ red combo which makes for the perfect pairing with its name. The nail polish makes for an elegant and fun wear you will definitely want as a part of your collection. The color is explosive an explorative. It is not exactly orange and at the same time not entirely pink. It therefore creates this happy unison between both colors, not relegating one for the other. China Glaze’s ability to achieve this blend is certainly to be admired.
  3. The color works perfectly on all skin tones. It adds a vibrancy to your days that is surprisingly welcomed. The color will definitely qualify as a pinkish coral. If you are looking for a hot pink or something bright and yet denser than a bubble gum kind of pink, this will be your go to option.
  4. To preserve this polish right after application, apply the fairy dust over it. This gives just enough sparkle and does not affect your original color. It is a product from China Glaze and much consideration was put into how it would look over their nail polishes. The coral star nail polish looks great alone but when paired with this fairy dust, it shimmers and takes on an even brighter and more appealing look. The dust itself is subtle and just gives it a pretty shimmer which in turn gives it an edge.


Applying Coral Star

This china glaze nail polish can be used to paint over ordinary nails with no tips.

  1. To do this, simply clean your nails.
  2. Apply a double coat of the coral star nail polish and paint over it with the fairy dust. The polish by itself is neat and nice and will turn out perfectly.
  3. If you want to add extra tips or make acrylic nails, the polish can also serve you in that regard. Acrylic nails have a procedure and sometimes even special equipment to make your nails.
  4. Interestingly enough, the coral star polish can be used for acrylic nails as well.
  5. All you have to do is to buff the nails first before polishing over them with the coral star nail polish. Make certain to use acetone remover when you want to take them off.
  6. This will prevent nail damage. Though the nail polish is no matte, it still gives an elegant finish.


Points to remember

  1. It ought to be noted that the outer color is somewhat deeper than the eventual finish you will have with the nails after painting.
  2. The color is not a “mirror” color meaning it is not reflective. It gives off a shiny silvery edge but does not entirely reflect objects. It is a unique blend of orange and pink that makes your skin tone radiate.


Reviews of the Coral Star

There seems to be a consensus on the uniqueness of this polish. The one thing that people love the most and no doubt you will too is the pop of color and how it brings out the skin tone, making it a perfect wear for spring or summer. The nail polish is characteristic of China Glaze’s products. It does not chip easily nor fade. It is known to last a really long time and to keep looking fresh regardless of whatever you use it for. The fairy dust applied over it will make it last even longer and definitely give it a perfect shimmer.

Another notable review is how long China Glaze has had this particular nail polish, the Coral Star on market. Their consistency of quality and products is an admirable characteristic, wouldn’t you agree?

China Glaze is known for their great selection and array of different polishes to choose from. Their polishes are long lasting and don’t get thick over time. They have a neither thick nor thin formula that just a perfect blend.

Although, this is not neon coral, the color in itself is classy and there are definitely tons of happy and satisfied customers out there. In our research to bring you all your required information for this nail polish, I did not come across a negative review that pointed to the quality or outcome of China Glaze’s nail polish, coral star. All the reviews were positive and inspiring. The only complaints raised were by people who expected a different shade or wanted a neon coral. The bottle of the Coral Star does not state it is a neon color so it only makes sense that it is not.

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