How to use Gena nail polish thinner the correct way

21-04-2017 James Dang
Saying adios to your nail polish because they’ve become clumpy is the worst thing… EVER. All those hundreds of dollars getting chucked in the garbage are a waste. It is a little heartbreaking if they are your favorite colors too. With Gena Adios nail polish thinner, you no longer need to get rid of any of your goopy nail polish. Nail polish thinner is a great alternative to discarding your valuable nail polish as well as using acetone to thin out your clumpy nail polish.

What is Gena Adios Nail polish thinner?

It is a salon formula that’s main aim is to restore any nail polish that is thickened. This solution will reverse any nail polish to its original consistency to allow for easier application. Your nail polish will work as good as new and this result in the life of your nail polish being extended.


This is the correct way to use the nail polish thinner – A step by step guide

  1. Shake your nail polish bottle to get any tint mixed thoroughly. Turn the bottle upside down to ensure that you mixing everything well. Make sure that the cap is still on while doing this.
  2. Remove both the lid of the nail polish bottle as well as the Gena nail polish thinner. This product comes without a dropper, so be extra careful when you tip the liquid over into the bottle.
  3. Use 2 – 3 drops of thinner in your clumpy nail polish. A great way to save any spillage is to use the cap of the nail polish thinner to add just enough liquid.
  4. Replace the cap on both the nail polish and nail polish thinner.
  5. Shake your nail polish vigorously to ensure that all the nail polish is thinned evenly.
  6. If you need a few more drops, then do so but be careful not to add too much nail polish thinner.

Watch this tutorial here


What are the ingredients in Gena nail polish thinner?

  1. Ethyl Acetate
  2. Butyl Acetate
  3. Mineral Spirits  

These are the basic ingredients that you find in any nail polish thinner. You will notice that there is no acetone present. This is because acetone is not the ideal solution to thin your nail polish many times ends up ruining your nail polish.


What is the difference between nail polish remover and nail polish thinner?

The ingredients in nail polish remover are completely different to nail polish thinner. This makes it completely different products altogether. Although adding nail polish remover to your nail polish may temporarily thin it, it breaks down the nail polish and for this reason you are not thinning it. This means you are destroying your nail polish and it will never be the same again. Polish thinner is fairly cost effective. Since you only need to use a few drops at a time , this results in your nail polish thinner lasting for a very long time.


So, what is Ethyl Acetate and what does it do?

Other common (scientific) names are: ethyl ester, acetic ester, ester of ethanol, Ethyl acetic ester, acetoxyethane, vinegar naphtha, acetidin, Aceticester

It is a flammable liquid that is colorless. It has a fruity odor. Ethyl Acetate is widely used as a solvent. Because of the way it smells, it is used very often in cosmetics and its smell is therefore associated with nail polishes. In addition, it is used in confectionery, perfumes, and fruits because it evaporates at a fast rate. This leaves only the scent of the perfume on the skin. 


And Butyl Acetate?

Like Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate is a clear liquid with a fruity smell too. Used widely, as in Gena nail polish thinner, in cosmetics to work as a solvent that dissolves other substances.


Is it bad for your nails? – The million dollar question.

No, not any more than your nail polish that you are already using. Gena nail polish thinner, and any other nail polish thinner for that matter, contains the same ingredient found in your nail polish. These ingredients evaporate and cause your nail polish to thicken. You are replacing ingredients that were lost by opening the bottle and using the nail polish.

Although Nail polish thinner will not ruin your nails there are still some safety precautions that you need to take:

  1. Keep away from children and animals
  2. Contact a doctor if anything occurs such as: Swallowing, coming into contact with your eyes.
  3. Keep away from open flames as the liquid is flammable

Store your nail polish thinner as well as your nail polish in a cool, dark place. Sunlight is not ideal for your nail polishes and nail polish thinners. Your bathroom is a no-go zone too. Check out these great ways to store your nail polishes and nail polish thinners here


What other women have to say about it.

  1. Gena nail polish thinner is a great product and they definitely love it.
  2. She doesn’t know how she didn’t find this product sooner. It would’ve saved her hundreds of dollars in nail polishes that ended up being chucked away.
  3. Would prefer it to be supplied with a dropper to combat using too much liquid.
  4. It works extremely well on a variety of nail polish types including Shatter.
  5. Women describe this nail polish thinner as  “Nothing less than amazing”

With so many women out there impressed with this product, we find that using a nail polish thinner as opposed to a nail polish remover is better. Nail polish thinner rehydrates your clumpy nail polish, by adding any lost moisture which is known as Ethyl Acetate and Butyl Acetate.  It is not dangerous to your health but caution needs to be taken not to inhale, swallow and catch fire as it is highly flammable.

So, now that your nail polish is taken care of, try this great tutorial to get some inspiration.

Do you have a favorite nail polish thinner that you use? Leave comments below to let us know how you use it.