Julep Oxygen Smoothing Base coat reviews

11-08-2017 James Dang
Without having polish on your nails, take a closer look at your nails. I know what you are thinking. Just go ahead and do it. Will you be confident going out without having nail polish?

Julep Oxygen Smoothing Base coat reviews - The secret to fixing and preventing yellow nails.

For people that polish their nail most often, the likelihood that you have been experienced a repeated side effect due to the application of nail polish is high. One of such side effect is the yellowing of the nails. It is possible that you can help it as Mary said in one of the Julep Oxygen Smoothing base coat reviews by using a bright polish. This can suppress the healthy condition of the nail growth and yellow nails is a sign of other health problem. Because of this, we spoke to a professional nail expert on vital tips in keeping your nails in its perfect shape.

Most manicurist and experts recommend the complete take off of the nail polish once a while as this ensures that nothing funky is going on and the nails are looking healthy. Regrettably, yellowing nails is something that most people want to cover up immediately. Perhaps you have yellow nails and feel frustrated, you shouldn’t be anymore because of the solution in right in this article. You should know that this condition is addressable and fixable without much time. In this article, you will learn the cause of yellow nails, how you can whiten your nails, and how important Julep oxygen smoothing base coat can be used in whitening the nail.

What causes yellow nails? Most times, the primary cause of yellow nails is due to stains from color polish used on the nails. Therefore, it is vital to regularly apply the base coat in order to preserve the nails prior to the addition of any layers of bright color. This was one of the numerous mistakes discovered in the Julep Oxygen Smoothing base coat review. Avoiding this mistake will help in manicure last longer. Everyone wants a lasting manicure that is a fact! Another thing that worsens this situation is the use of acetone nail polish remover. Most manicurist will never recommend using the acetone nail polish remover straight on the nail. Always remember to go for non-acetone remover for your nail irrespective of the color. Another culprit is due to nicotine staining. This happens especially if you are a smoker. Yet another great benefit of giving up the habit of smoking. Besides this, fungal infection is another culprit to the yellowing of the nails. Fungus-infected nails have the tendency of changing into different colors, which may also lead to different nail issues like peeling, flaking, and unpleasant odor. If you are among those within this category, it is important you visit your doctor to check if your condition is as a result of fungal infection. Nevertheless, there are some treatments available to solve this situation/ one of such effective treatment is prescription remedies. As it is said, “Prevention is always better than cure”. Nevertheless, few tips to help in getting rid of this situation is the use of tea tree oil, diluted with grape seed oil or vitamin E. this mixture is good for the nails and will prevent any form of fungus. Do not just apply it to the nails; ensure you massage it gently every day. Perhaps you have tried these tips and yet not solution, then one can conclude that your problem is general as experienced by most Julep Oxygen Smoothing base coat reviews online. Lung and liver problems also contribute to the yellowing of the nails. These are as a result of nutritional deficiencies including lack of zinc or iron. However, if you uncertain of the primary cause of the yellowing of your nails, ensure you make an appointment and consult your doctor immediately.

Can I whiten my yellow nails?

Though the best solution is prevention, if you are suffering from the discoloration of your nails, we have different home remedies to help you in eradicating this problem. You have the option of using baking soda paste, hydrogen peroxide solution, or whitening toothpaste. Our professional manicurist recommends the use of these home treatments for your yellow nails.

Hydrogen Peroxide: Make a mixture of a part of hydrogen peroxide into three-portion water in a little bowl. Ensure the bowl can accommodate your finger and then soak the nails for 10 to 15 minutes. Once done, rinse thoroughly and apply moisturizer because the hydrogen peroxide has the ability to dry your skin and nails. Another method is by mixing baking soda with some tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide to form a paste. Using an old toothbrush, apply the solution on the affected nails and allow to sit for a while. After some time, use water to rinse and moisturize.

Denture Tablets: Another method is by using these tablets. They have the capability of removing stains from the nails. Ensure you follow the instruction written on the package and dissolve using water. Then immerse your nails directly into the solution.

Whitening Toothpaste: This can help in whitening your nails just as it can eradicate stains from your teeth. Applying it isn’t stressful, all you need is apply the whitening toothpaste on the nails gently. Allow it to rest on it for some time and wash off using water.

Lemon Juice: This solution is very effective because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It can help in whitening the nails. Slice a lemon, using a bowl squeeze the juice into it. Ensure the bowl can accommodate your finger. After soaking for 10 minutes use moisturizer. This treatment can be repeated until changes are evident.

Buffing: Finally, some discoloration can be buff off the nails. However, when using this treatment, be careful as possible. Buffing it too deeply will weaken your nails and increase the chances of infections

Repetition is the secret to having success when it comes to the use of these home remedies. Scrubbing your nails with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, or toothpaste without any visible result does not mean you will give up, instead continue the process until you have achieved the result desired. Therefore, ladies, the times of covering your nails due to the yellowing condition is over.

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