Lacquer Up your Nails with the OPI Washington dc collection colors!

14-07-2017 Vy Nhu
Over the last decade there has been a significant increase in the number of nail “fashion-ists” across the globe. People are driven by the concept of splashing vibrant and unique colors across their nails to reflect their individuality. Regular manicuring has become part and parcel of every woman’s life to strongly enhance their appeal.

OPI, a leading beauty company, brings you an exclusive collection of nail polishes that caters to all your nail addictions. The OPI Washington dc collection colors are one such collection that will definitely leave you speechless. OPI has an incredibly vast color palette categorized into various series making the process of selection complex yet enriching.

Earlier women would just paint their nails for fun or to adorn themselves. However with the recent onset of the nail beauty regime, the embellishment of nails has turned into an unexplainable obsession. Women these days don’t just want to go all pinkish and reddish over their nails to reflect how feminine they are. Instead they prefer going bold with the blues, greens, browns and yellows to strongly highlight their mood and individuality. They are all geared up to break the stereotypical notions; greatly exploring the variety of choices offered to them by the ever-growing beauty industry. In such a scenario the fashion nails have emerged as the new trendsetter to change the look of a woman and voice out her inner being in the most unique fashion.

Due to the increasing demand for fashion products, witnessing a new beauty brand almost every day is not an unusual scene. However, it is quite important to understand that all brands might not be safe for your skin and health. Thus you should thoroughly study the various beauty brands and their products in the market before settling for a specific brand. The nail lacquer scene has seen some of the largest brand competitors in the recent times, such as:

  1. Sally Hansen – No Chip Nail Polish
  2. OPI Nail Lacquers
  3. China Glaze Nail Polish
  4. Essie Polish
  5. Revlon Nail Polish

However, there many more brands in the fight to dominate the rest but OPI turns out to be the personal favorite of many women. The variety of colors, the finish and the patterns that the OPI nail palette offers are extremely distinct from each other as well as when compared to any other cosmetic brand. No wonder, OPI falls within the top 10 nail beautification brands. Irrespective of your age, color, mood or profession, OPI has just the right shades to complement your lifestyle and personality. Thus this brand is widely used in spas and salons around the world. OPI products are readily available in most beauty outlets as well as online stores. The best aspect of OPI is its never-failing determination to bring out a unique collection of nail polishes every season. Whether it is sizzling hot summers, the chilly winters or the vibrant springs, OPI has it all planned for you look vivacious every season. Some of the recent OPI nail lacquer collections are:

  1. California Dreaming Collection: This is a 12 shade summer range which dominantly consists of lighter tones of pink, peach and orange to give you a rather hot look.
  2. Washington DC Collection: This is a fall/ winter 2016 collection which consists of 15 elegant shades to cheer you up even in the freeze.
  3. Fiji Spring/ Summer Collection:  This is a compilation of 12 beach shades to dazzle up your nails on a shore vacation.
  4. Soft Shades: These are a collection of 42 pastel and neutral hues to give you a tranquilized look.
  5. Clark + Kensington: This is a premium collection of 18 shades which look so chic that they have been transformed into interior paints to splash some vibrancy on your home walls.
  6. Classics: The widest ever season less collection of the OPI brand to adorn your nails for any occasion or mood.
  7. Designer Series: This is a range of 11 designer shades of metallic lacquers to give you all the sparkle you need.

The Washington DC collection is also known as the OPI Kerry Washington collection as OPI teamed with Kerry Washington to create this spectacular series. The 15 hues of the Washington DC series has left everyone spell bound with its unique tones and textures, perfect for autumn and winter. However, out of the 15, 3 shades are the Kerry Washington Special-edition shades. So if you’re a mani-geek, you surely don’t want to miss this collection. Some gorgeous crème polishes of this compilation are:

  1. Pale to the Chief – An absolute nude shade to complement your entire wardrobe.
  2. We the Female – A rich garnet shade giving you a sense of empowerment that you definitely shouldn’t miss.
  3. Stay off the Lawn – A unique deep lush green that will leave in awe of this peculiar shade.
  4. Freedom of Peach – A beautiful combination of autumn peach and copper to get you all bubbilicious!
  5. Shh It’s Top Secret – A deep brown shade which looks a lot like a dark chocolate fountain flowing through your fingertips.
  6. Madam President – An elite blend of red and pink to give you a sense of feminine command that runs through your blood.
  7. Never a Dulles Moment – A warm curry yellow shade to give you a whole new perspective of the yellow color and make your nails stand out even in a crowd as you flaunt your extroverted personality.

Kerry’s 3 special edition shades are;

  1. Kerry Blossom – It’s a tempting dark purplish plum which reflects a sense of extreme boldness.
  2. Inside the Isabelletway – It’s a delicious brown caramel that you would want your nails to devour at its very sight.
  3. Liv in the Gray – This dark edgy grey gives you a strong sophisticated look.

Thus, having listed some of the most happening OPI Washington dc collection colors, I’m sure you just can’t resist rushing to the nearest store to grab a bottle or more to gratify your “polish-holic” desires this season!

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